CitiesWithNature and COVID-19


In the time of the COVID-19 global pandemic, our network of cities and regions is on the frontline of response. The pandemic is calling us to increasingly connect online. CitiesWithNature, as a unique, next-generation initiative, is supporting an online community of practice, enabling learning and action around integrating nature in cities and (re)connecting people with nature. As almost half of humankind have lesser or even no options to connect with nature outdoors in these trying times, many are realising anew just how essential our connection with nature is for our own health and wellbeing, and how deeply it is longed for, once we are separated from it.  We all need nature, even more so in these unprecedented times where the fast-changing daily dynamics of COVID-19 are consuming and fundamentally altering our lives.

CitiesWithNature provides cities, other subnational governments and partners the virtual means to  continue to connect in solidarity with each other and to share, learn & inspire each other around integrating nature into our urban lives and to (re)connect people and nature in new, innovative ways, even during the most tumultuous of times.  To this end, our team is working as fast as we can to activate a new dedicated space on the CitiesWithNature platform for all participating cities which will focus on ways and reasons to connect our urban communities with nature even while under lockdown orders. We will let you know as soon as this new feature is activated!

Building resilience will be even more critical as we move forward during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. All cities critically depend on healthy, interconnected ecosystems within and around them. Furthermore, nature provides a wide range of tangible and intangible benefits to people and remains essential to the health and wellbeing of entire communities. There is a growing urgency for collective action to protect biodiversity and respect nature in and around cities to prevent irreversible loss and damage to those very natural systems that protect and nurture us. The CitiesWithNature platform offers an opportunity to remain connected to our fast-growing global “urban nature community” in this time of great uncertainty, by engaging with the profiles and projects of other cities and regions.

Additionally, cities and regions can continue to access a range of tools and resources online, even from new home-based offices, simply by registering, logging in, and engaging with the Nature Pathway.  By building an online profile, cities and regions can also showcase their innovative solutions and make their valuable successes achieved and lessons learnt, available to others who may be needing such online resources now more than ever.

Join CitiesWithNature and connect with the growing online network of cities and regions who are taking action for and with nature. The time is now to unite for a better collective urban future – one where people and nature thrive in harmony, together.



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