Logo for City of Holland, MI.

As the City's vision statement says, Holland is "a vibrant, world-class community in a beautiful lakefront environment where people work together, celebrate community, and realize dreams." We truly believe Holland is a great place to live, work, and play and we are working hard to ensure this is true for generations to come. To learn more about sustainability in Holland please visit: http://www.cityofholland.com/sustainability

United States

Head of Government

Placeholder for City Manager of City of Holland, MI. Keith Van Beek

City Manager of City of Holland, MI

Keith Van Beek
I. Analyze1.Commit & Mobilize1. & Assess3.Set Baseline4.Develop Strategy5.Detail & Finance Projects6.Implement & Monitor7.Integrate & Collaborate8.Review & Upscale9.Advocate & InspireII. ActIII. Accelerate

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